dark-mode: convenient, automatic, dead-simple

  • auto-switching between light & dark mode:
  • ---- at fixed times
  • ---- through local day-/night-cycle ('night shift');
  • hotkeys: selectable (f.e. cmd+1), icon in menubar (middle-click), companion (right eye),
  • option: other visual & acoustic switching-themes (owl, fox etc.)
  • --- full Dark-Mode in High Sierra - incl. windows: left eye (and back; beta, abandoned by apple)
  • --- reduced Dark-Mode in Mojave - only dock / menu: left eye (and back)
  • slider: reduce nearly all distracting macOS-animations.
  • slider: secure sleep (no passwords in memory-chips) / secure boot (soundless & behind curtain, no external remote-/localisation option)
  • no logs , no google-analytics etc. (strictly local)


    play dice, introduce chance
    (goodbye exhibitionism, use clothes).

  • play dice with your computers 'hardware-adresses' (standard ios-feature -> now in macos), get strong passwords, randomize your surf-footprint - and more.
  • --- test network-settings & secure / harden firefox against threads, trackers (esp. in public networks)
  • --- produce beautiful fun-clouds on top of your neighborhoods device-maps (at facebook, google etc.)
  • click: dicebox throws random-MAC-addresses or lets you set specific ones (Lan/Wifi) - via button / hotkey / menuicon (+ MAC-adress back to factory default)
  • click: dicebox throws strong & secure random passwords for copy/pasting
  • click: dicebox lets firefox play dice with your surfing footprint (random) ('chameleon', firefox only)
  • click: dicebox hardens firefox / your surfing experience against malware, attacks etc. (firefox only)
  • click: dicebox lets you simply and anonymously query email-addresses for password-/data-lost etc. (in data-breach-databases; lists all breaches -- such 'public' data is f.e. used in most current blackmailing-attempts)